hinterland pride cover

Celebrating our Pride: Diversity is our Strength

One of the fundamental tenets that lies at the heart of The Long Dark is that nature is the great leveller. We’re all equal in the eyes of the cold and the snow and the desperate rush to shelter as the blizzard howls behind us. It’s a game but it’s more than a game. I think most of you feel that, like we feel it.

Unlike in The Long Dark, in the real world, not everyone around us, in our communities, in our workplaces, in our industries, is treated equally. Many are discriminated against due to race, faith, gender, sexual orientation. We have to do better.

It doesn’t take anything away from you to open your heart, your mind, to people who are different. We embrace diversity and are doing our part to create a safe and inclusive workspace for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I hope that each of you, like the team at Hinterland who create The Long Dark, can appreciate the value of diversity, and can see that it takes people of all kinds to enrich this world we live in.

Diversity is our strength! Please do what you can to help celebrate it. Support your local Pride groups, and together we can create a safer, more inclusive community that enriches us all.

– Raphael