Dev Diary – June 2023

Hello Survivors!

We wanted to update you all and let you know that TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, Part Three is getting close to launch. We are in our final stages of testing, tuning and bug fixing, so expect a launch toward the end of June.

Below, you’ll find more information about what content will be in Part Three of TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, along with what to look forward to in the base Survival Mode’s free June Update.


Frontier Cooking

One of the big additions in Part Three is a new feature called Frontier Cooking. We’ve added seven new ingredients to the game, and now with Recipes you can cook more complicated foods that involve multiple ingredients — things like Rabbit Stew, Fish Pies, and so on. The Frontier Cooking system is launching with 15 Recipes, as well as 9 Unique recipes that can be found in the world. We’re also adding a Skillet to enable new cooking options, and completely overhauled the Cooking user interface.

All of these new items will appear in existing TALES save games, and we have also done a careful pass over the placement and frequency of new food items to ensure game balance is preserved for Interloper players. 

Good luck, Survivors! 


The little Ptarmigan is the new wildlife we’ve added in Part Three. They can be found in most regions, but prefer more remote, higher ground. You can, of course, hunt them for meat, but you’ll also be able to collect their down, which you can utilize in a couple of new crafting recipes.

Tool Variants

We’ve also added three new Revolver variants, another Bow variant, and an alternate Flashlight. Each of these items has a unique look and some stat differences from their basic counterparts.

All of these items, and the ones relating to cooking, will all be available in new or existing save games.


For our base game Survival Update, we’ve added and updated a few elements.

We’ve overhauled the Fishing system to provide more freedom around where you can fish, as well as adding some new species and giving you some new tools for catching and maintaining your fishing options. This is the first major overhaul of the Fishing system since we added it years ago, and it’s one of the systems the community has been asking us to revise for a while, so we’re excited to see what you think of the changes that are coming.

And finally, as you explore the regions, you’ll come across a new type of harvestable plant – Burdock. You’ll need a tool to dig its root out, but the root can then be eaten raw or cooked up into a recipe for calories, or made into a warming tea. 

That’s it for now, Survivors. We will share the full update list containing details on new Paid and Free content, along with any game improvements and bug fixes, in the release notes when we launch TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, Part Three. 

For all other technical issues, please reach out via our Support Portal.

Thank you for reading, and good luck exploring the new content when it launches later this month!