Faithful Cartographer



Faithful Cartographer was the last update before we launched “Predux” Episode 1 and 2. It set the stage with a number changes including a UI overhaul, Accessible Interactions, a new Save System, and more First-Person Presence. This update also introduced Charcoal Mapping, Carcass Quartering, the Scent UI, the Struggle Weapon Selector, and a number of optimizations. This would be the last time The Long Dark would be updated without WINTERMUTE. NOTE: Saves from earlier versioned builds will not work on this or later versions.






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NOTE: Time Capsule only works on STEAM. It's the only platform that currently offers us the tools we need to provide this playable archive.



Hello community,

We’re excited to share with you our last update to The Long Dark’s Sandbox in Early Access. We’re calling this update: FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER


* User Interface Overhaul. All screens, buttons, HUD elements, etc. have been updated to better match the game’s aesthetic, along with some usability changes in anticipation of our August 1st launch of WINTERMUTE.

* Accessible Interactions. We’ve added a new option in the Control settings, for players who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and similar conditions. This makes all click/press+hold interactions a single click/press.

* Save System Overhaul. We’ve recreated our save system from scratch to future-proof the game. As a result, all previous Sandbox saves are now invalid. Saves from FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER will not be wiped at our 1.0 launch.

* Charcoal Mapping. Collect Charcoal from burned out fires. Use it to Survey your local area, updating your local region map with information about what you can see from your current position. The new Navigation section of the Radial and Main Nav provides access to the Map.

* Carcass Quartering System. In addition to the previous harvesting mechanic, you can now “Quarter” a carcass into bags of harvestable meat, allowing you to transport them to a better location for further harvesting.

* Scent System & HUD Element. Blood (your own, or from carcasses) makes you more attractive to predators. The Strength of the attraction is indicated by the new HUD element.

* Visual Updates. We’ve updated the lighting, fog colour, and fog distance, providing much longer vista views in the game which makes it easier to navigate by visible landmarks. We’ve also been updating interior lighting. We’ll be continuing this work right up to our August 1st launch.

* First-Person Presence. The following tools have been updated with first-person hands: Rifle, Bow, Distress Pistol, Stim, and all Light Sources.

* Thrown Flares & Torches. We’ve removed Brandishing and brought back the old Throwing mechanic. You can throw lit Torches and Flares at Wolves to scare them off.

* Stone Throwing. You can now pick up and throw Stones in the world. Hitting a Rabbit with a Stone will stun it, providing an early-game option for hunting. Then you have to decide whether to kill or release it. Thrown Stones might even scare off a wolf, if you’re very lucky.

* Struggle Weapon Choice. When you get into a Wolf struggle, you now have the option to select between available tools based on the outcome you’re looking for: Scare off the wolf, Defend yourself from damage, or go for the Kill.

* First Aid Treatment. You can now treat Afflictions by using First Aid items directly from the Radial. The game no longer pre-selects the correct Treatment for you. Also, Old Man’s Beard Dressings no longer require Bandages to Craft but only treat Infection Risk (and not Blood Loss).

* Optimizations. We’ve updated Unity a few times and worked on several optimizations to improve performance.

* Enhanced Graphics Options (Win/Mac/Linux Only): We’ve added a variety of Display and Quality settings so that you can customize your preferences to balance between beauty and performance.

* PS4 Controller Support: As we’re bringing The Long Dark to PS4 on August 1st, you can now play the game with a PS4 controller.

* Crafting from Journal: You can now preview Crafting Blueprints in the Journal. All craftables that can be made without the use of a Workbench or Forge can now be crafted directly from the Journal. [NOTE: The current Journal is WIP and will be updated for our full August 1st launch.]

* Too numerous to list.

KNOWN ISSUES (Will be Hotfixed ASAP)

* Issue with Hunted, Part 1. We need to add a Bandage to the starting location.

* New Time of Day indicator should appear in both the Quick Stats and Radial UIs.

* Some localization strings did not make it into the build in time; we have the translations and they will be submitted in the next hotfix.

* Investigating issues with the game not loading on some Linux distributions.


Please report all bugs directly in our Public Bug Database:


FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER will be the last time we update the Sandbox in Early Access. Thank you for all your support of our game and studio over the years. We’re very excited to share with you, our full launch of The Long Dark 1.0 on August 1st, 2017.

You have been a wonderful community and we look forward to continuing to build The Long Dark into the future. We hope you enjoy what we have created for you in WINTERMUTE, coming August 1st.

– The Hinterland Team