Steadfast Ranger



Steadfast Ranger was the first big update after the Redux release. This update introduced the first new firearm since the Rifle - the Revolver. The update also added a healing Birch Bark Tea, an Energy Drink to help with stamina and fatigue, and Improvised Cloth Wraps. The team also overhauled the Sprain System and the aiming system used for the Rifle and Bow, to integrate those tools more tightly with the rest of the survival gameplay systems.






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The Long Dark Survival Mode Updated to V1.48 — STEADFAST RANGER

Hello community,

We’ve just updated The Long Dark to v1.48 [47675] — STEADFAST RANGER.

New! Revolver — A close-quarters defensive tool against hostile wildlife.

New! Birch Bark Tea — A slow-gain condition restoration item brewed from a renewable natural resource.

New! Energy Drink — Quick-shot Stamina and Fatigue boost, useful for getting yourself out of a variety of bad situations.

New! Improvised Cloth Wraps — Stave off Frostbite on your Head and Hands with these basic wraps.

Overhaul! Rifle & Shooting Gameplay — Completely overhauled shooting and aiming mechanics for the Rifle and other ranged tools.

Overhaul! Sprain System — Improved Sprain gameplay dynamics and first aid solutions.

…and much more.

NOTE: Please be aware there may be WINTERMUTE story spoilers in the changelist.

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You’ll find the complete changelist for the Update below.

CHANGELIST v1.48 [47675]

Known Crash

* We are working with Unity to resolve a known, rare crash in the engine. This crash appears to only affect Windows players, although it may appear on other platforms. The crash seems to be a memory issue that is triggered by transitioning between scenes. We will release a fix for the crash as soon as we’re able to diagnose the root cause. In the mean time, we recommend you Save Often (in WINTERMUTE) or Rest Often (in Survival; Resting triggers a save). For more information, please refer to our Support Portal.

General Fixes

* General performance improvements across the game.
* Upgraded to a new version of Unity, enabling widespread improvements across the game.
* Fixed issue that restricted the game’s framerate to 120fps (on applicable systems).
* Streamlined the information appearing in players’ session output logs, to aid with support queries.

General Art

* [Enviro] Numerous optimizations to improve performance.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing the player to become stuck in the terrain.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues allowing the player to get outside the intended play area.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing objects to clip and float in the world.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing stretched or missing textures.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing lighting hotspots in the Bear Cave in WINTERMUTE Episode Two.
* [Enviro] Updated LOD to reduce popping on buildings and cliffs.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing hinges to appear on the same side for both exterior and interior doors.
* [Enviro] Updated transition zone entrance from Mountain Town to Mystery Lake to be more visible to the player.
* [Enviro] Updated flags to animate.
* [Enviro] Fixed numerous issues causing unlit textures.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing Cat Tails to appear out of alignment during their animation.
* [Enviro] Fixed issue causing inverted snow textures on trees.
* [Enviro] Updated numbers on lock boxes in the Milton Credit Union bank.

User Interface

* [UI] Updated “Disable HUD” setting to remove object labels (useful for game footage capture).
* [UI] Updated various text localizations.
* [UI] Fixed various overlapping UI elements in all languages
* [UI] Fixed issue causing mission sub-objectives to overlap with the next line.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the “Archivist” badge to always appear as Complete.
* [UI] Updated various missing subtitles.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing a rounding error in Imperial Units when Melting snow.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing incorrect scroll bar alignment on the Stats screen in the Journal.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the Scent Indicator to not always appear on the Status screen.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the Radial Menu to inconsistently show the correct number of Light Sources in the Backpack.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing sub-objective text to overlap in certain Challenge Modes.
* [UI] Fixed issues causing the Stone ammo counter to be missing from the HUD.
* [UI] Fixed issue causing the Milton Water Tower icon to appear in the wrong location on the Map.
* [UI] Fixed issue where the player was unable to add potable Water to the Radial Menu after dropping the Water and drinking from it.
* [UI] Added an Accessible Struggle option, allowing players to select between Tap to Win and Hold to Win options.
* [UI] Updated the Weak Ice indicator.
* [UI] Added a new Slope indicator to warn players when they are traversing slopes that are steep enough to cause Sprains.


* [WINTERMUTE] Made several updates to the Bear Spear encounters in Episode Two, including adding a checkpoint and streamlining the final Cave encounter.
* [WINTERMUTE] Polish pass on various cinematics and dialogues.
* [WINTERMUTE] Updated tutorials to reflect gameplay modifications introduced in this update.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed various issues with subtitle typos and timing.
* [WINTERMUTE] Updated description for the side mission “Basics of Survival: Find and harvest some medicinal flora native to Great Bear Island.”
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing the Milton Credit Union bank vault door to play a closing animation when reloading your game, if the player was standing in front.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing a black screen to appear if a dialogue pop-up occurred during a cinematic.
* [WINTERMUTE] Updated Medicinal Flora tutorial text with additional details for clarity.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed script issue where the Carter Dam Control Room door cinematic wouldn’t play during The Wounded Trapper mission in Episode Two.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to be pushed into another room when opening the vault door in the Milton Credit Union.
* [WINTERMUTE] Numerous updates to Wildlife pathfinding.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Blueprints to disappear from the Journal between Episodes One and Two. This fix is retroactive and will resolve it for players already impacted by the issue.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to become stuck in the floor if they loaded a game after saving it at the exact time the Milton Credit Union vault door was unlocked.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing overlapping text when hovering over a mission objective on the Map.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Jeremiah to clip through his bed when reloading a save at the beginning of Episode Two.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issues that allowed players to get on top of the burnt Schoolhouse in Milton.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue that kept the Bear Spear from appearing properly in the Journal after examining it.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to spawn in the wrong location if they reloaded a game saved immediately after the first Bear encounter in Episode Two.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing players to spawn in the wrong location if they reloaded a game saved while falling from a rope.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing mismatched values to appear for collected wood in the Journal, and when inspecting Grey Mother’s Firewood Bin.
* [WINTERMUTE] Fixed issue causing Milton Knowledge Items in the Journal to update incorrectly.

Survival Mode

* [Custom Mode] Fixed issue causing certain combinations of Custom Mode settings to generate an invalid sharing code.
* [Custom Mode] Fixed issue causing incorrect container loot to appear in Custom Mode.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where Forging actions were not being interrupted when the Forge ran out of fuel.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing a partially-crafted Survival Bow to be usable if it was picked up while a completed Bow was equipped.
* [Survival Mode] Updated the Cold Fusion Feat description to properly reflect Air Temperature bonus.
* [Survival Mode] Updated medicinal Tea so it now acts like a First Aid item if a treatable Affliction is present. Otherwise it will still work as a Food item.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Archery Skill Bonus was not applying reduced Arrow Condition loss correctly.
* [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing some lockers to display the “locked” icon incorrectly.

Challenge Mode

* [Hunted] Fixed issue causing the Old Bear to clip through trees when fleeing.
* [Hunted] Updated Deer carcass placement.
* [Archivist] Fixed issue causing the sub-objective to update incorrectly after collecting the Buffer Memory from the Milton Post Office.

All Game Modes

* [All] Fixed issue where the fade to black transition would not appear correctly when exiting to the Main Menu
* [All] Fixed numerous pathing issues in the world due to missing nav mesh.
* [All] Fixed issue where Water in the Backpack would be consumed when drinking Water from the Cooking Screen.
* [All] Fixed issue causing audio for feeding Wolves to play even when the player wasn’t near one.
* [All] Fixed issue causing chimney smoke to be visible when no fire was active inside a house.
* [All] Fixed issue causing ambient audio to cut off when entering a car.
* [All] Fixed issue causing the player to limp incorrectly after holstering a weapon while suffering from a Sprained Ankle.
* [All] Fixed issue causing the Storm Lantern extinguish animation to play after death, if players fell off a high cliff while holding a lit Lantern.
* [All] Fixed issue where the player was unable to extinguish a Storm Lantern if they opened the Radial Menu while placing it.
* [All] Fixed issue where “Worn Thermal Underwear” appeared as “New Thermal Underwear” in the Backpack.
* [All] Fixed issue that kept the player from fighting back during a Struggle if they were attacked while Repairing clothing.
* [All] Fixed issue causing muffled dialogue VO after firing a Rifle indoors.
* [All] Adjusted the amount on Condition decay on the Bedroll when it is left outside.
* [All] Fixed issue where the Wolf growl audio was missing in some scenarios.
* [All] Fixed issue causing absent wind audio when standing outside a cave entrance.
* [All] Fixed issue where the screen could become blurry during Wolf Struggles.
* [All] Added dialogue VO for quartering Wildlife.

Xbox One-Specific Issues

* [Xbox] Fixed issue where the game would no longer update information in the gamercard after resuming from standby.

Steam-Specific Issues

* [UI] Fixed issue where an incorrect mouse icon would appear when using left-handed mouse settings.
* [UI] Added scrolling with the keyboard arrow keys for the Buffer Memory screen interfaces discovered in-game during an Aurora.
* [General] Fixed issue causing graphical corruption when playing in OpenGL on an Nvidia GPU.