Dev Update – February 2023

Hello Survivors,

We have a few updates about the development progress around TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, the paid Expansion Pass for Survival Mode, which we launched on Steam (Windows-only) on December 5th.


We’re happy to announce that we were able to fix the issues that prevented the Mac build of TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY from working. The Test Team is finalizing the build and it is due for release on Wednesday, February 15th on Steam and the Epic Game Store. This will bring the Mac version to parity with Windows.

TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, Part One: Xbox and PlayStation Versions

The team is working hard on finalizing and testing these versions. We’ve encountered a few hiccups with the respective store setups, but we have found some workarounds. The current target date for Xbox and PlayStation releases of TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY is Wednesday, March 15th. This will bring Steam, Epic Game store, Xbox, and PlayStation versions to parity. Please keep in mind, Xbox and PlayStation will need to approve these new versions, which may affect the release date. We will provide confirmation closer to launch. 

We’ll have more news on the Nintendo Switch version in the coming weeks.


As a reminder, as part of splitting the game between Story and Survival Modes, we have made some necessary changes to help future-proof the save system in THE LONG DARK, and to enable you to receive improvements to the game moving forward. 

As a result, unfortunately current Survival Mode saves will not work with the game once you download the Update for Part One of TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY. This is true even if you do not purchase the Expansion Pass. 

This change will not impact Feats, Feats progress, Achievements, or WINTERMUTE saves. 

TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, Part Two: Launch Date & Features

We are currently targeting a launch for TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, PART TWO on Thursday, March 30th. This will be for the Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Epic Games Store versions. The work on Part Two is nearly complete, and will be entering the Testing phase soon. Please keep in mind that the release date may be impacted by development realities.

Prepper Bunker Overhaul
Prepper Bunker Overhaul – Available in Part Two of TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY

The feature and content set for Part Two will include:


(For anyone that owns THE LONG DARK or SURVIVAL EDITION)

Note: In this post, Fire-Hardened Arrows were mistakenly listed under the Paid update for TALES, however, we have adjusted the lists to accurately reflect the content listed on the Expansion Pass Roadmap.

We’ll share more details about each of the features going into Part Two as we get closer to release. If you’d like to review our plans for TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY, please review the Roadmap. If you’d like to see what is included in Part One, check out the launch video here.

Windows – Upcoming Hotfix

We continue to work toward resolving a number of issues on Windows, including: 

We appreciate your ongoing patience and support as we work to resolve these concerns, and we will share a date for the Hotfix in the near future as soon as more news is available. For all other technical issues, please reach out via our Support Portal.

Thank you, Survivors, and keep your eyes open for next week’s release of TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY on Mac (on Steam and Epic Game Store)!

– The Hinterland Team